Saturday, February 6, 2010

Will Hip Hop be different without Lil Wayne?

As many of you know Lil Wayne is about to serve a prison sentence.. That's when it hit me. How will hip hop be different without him. It got me thinking. Will the hip hop industry change at all without him? He has a lot of fans out there and a lot of people that hate him. I for one don't support him because of his music. He raps about the money, girls, and drugs. For the Fans they will be affected because they wont be receiving the music that they like. Even though he says hes going to keep making music it wont be the same.

Do you think hip hop will be different without Wayne? Even though some people out there don't like his music you have to admit that he has caused a movement in hip hop. "He paralyzes a room when he walks into it, his wordplay, the excitement that he brings to his music."(Drake) I feel like the hip hop industry will be hit hard as his fans won't be getting all the music we expect from him that we can listen to. In my opinion I feel that cash money is going to have to work harder to give the fans that same music that we have been receiving from them in the past 2 years. As for Wayne, when he gets out, I feel like he will be at his peak. This will also open up opportunities for up and coming rappers and hopefully people will tune into the underground scene more. Feel free to share your opinion on whether you think hip hop will change or remain the same.

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  1. I hope so, I hope the independent/underground scene gets more mainstream attention.
    Underground is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

  2. There is some of his work that i like and some that I dont. He does kill some beats though. Check this out

  3. Lil Wayne is 80% of mainstream music. When he leaves there will be a huge hole in the industry. At that point there will be a bunch of retards trying to claim the title of "smartest retard" which Wayne currently holds. The way the game changes depends on who fills the void first. Will it be Gucci Mane? Plies? Yo Gotti? Wakka Flocka Flame?

    Reminds me of the saying "Pick your poison."

    The obvious answer to that question is Drake. In a dream world, that 80% will be filled w/ some good artists. There's alot of good stuff supposed to be coming out this year, and maybe by the time Wayne gets out, society will have realized how shitty the music has been and have higher standards for what we listen to. But again, that is only in a dream world. Until then, we will continue to have songs like "All The Way Turned Up" playing twice an hour.