Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Boy Boy Mess

He's as serious as a heart attack who want a part of that? Listen to the exclusive interview where Mess talks about his new Scalen clothing company. What caught my attention was the DVD Gigantic. This is a documentary based on Mess's life behind the scenes. Bay Area music doesn't receive as much coverage as I would like today. You hear all these rappers talking about how Fillmoe is the birthplace. I want the latest on that beef with the CCG and I want to see how he made it in the game. What's all this talk about Mess not even being in the Mo'. What the fuck is that? I'm excited to go behind the scenes and see what Mess is all about. Behind the rap life, behind the personal life, just on some real street shit. He's giving the world a bird's eye view of some things they wasn't aware of. He also mentions his 12 disc album coming out later this year. Finally that 12 disc album is coming out
Messy Marv interview with Baycentrik

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