Monday, February 15, 2010

Messy Marv set to release his 12 Disc Album "Project Superstar"

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He's doing it again. After announcing that he would make a 12 disc album on his
Cake & Ice Cream mixtape the young Boy Boy Mess has officially confirmed it. Fillmore, California veteran rapper Messy Marv has been releasing albums for almost 15 years. The SMC Records artist has done full-length collaborations with San Quinn, Guce and Mitchy Slick, but nothing in his career rivals what Marv recently told website

Confirming that a long-rumored 12-disc release was indeed on the way, Marv told the site about his reasoning for releasing over half a day's worth of music in one chunk. Called Project Superstar, Marv is self-releasing the collection to his legions of longtime supporters. "It's one of them albums that I'm doing just strictly for all the online heads, the Internet heads," he told "I'm trying to build my online presence so I'm giving them a special package for supporting me for so long. A 12 disc album for a little bit of nothing, you know? You have to log onto to get it."


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