Thursday, February 18, 2010

B.o.B. I wanna Rock Part 2

B.o.B. rapping on 5th dimension check it out. B.o.B. is collaborating with T.I. on his new album.

"As far as production, T.I. actually produced some stuff on the album," Bobby Ray said in an interview. "Jim Jonsin, Dr. Luke, me, it's a good combination...I actually worked with him as soon as he got out. He actually left and went straight to the studio apparently, so, I went in and worked with him some, we did some stuff for his album, my album. And you know, just really got in there to get in the vibe. Since he's been released, he seems more, he has something to prove now. I feel like he has a deeper fire to his whole approach, it has more motivation. He's a motivated person in general, but I feel he's got a lot more now."

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