Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Game Asks Fans To Pick; Dre Or Pharrell

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West Coast rapper Game recently let his fans know he is finished with his upcoming "R.E.D." album and even said he wants his fans to pick the first official single, asking if it should be a song produced by Pharrell Williams or Dr Dre. "R.E.D. march 23rd," Game wrote on his twitter account, hinting at a possible new album release date. "#nigeriangrammar I can't get jiggy wit dis sh!t neega in the studio......... goin thru records, should the 1st single be a Pharrell or a Dr. Dre track ??? most of y'all sayin.... save the Dre tracks for the album. hmmmmm ? #tobehonest ALL THIS SH!T IS craCK !!! Dr. Dre & P. producing this album is "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS". Aight y'all I gotta figure this sh!t out. hit y'all in the AM."


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