Thursday, February 18, 2010

Game's "400 Bars" Coming + Artwork Here

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The cover art for Game's upcoming "400 Bars" track has hit the internet and features a new release date for the rapper's upcoming "R.E.D." album. The new singles artwork came from Game's employees at his website. "globalentmoguls @COOLANDDRE 400 bars coming soon! 400 Bars R.E.D. In Stores March 23rd. Game. According to these designers who do work for ThisIzGame and Black Wall Street, this is the artwork and the song is on its way."

In related news, earlier in the month, Game was trying to get the song on DJ Drama's upcoming mixtape. "I got so many amazing records, I don't know if I should go hard to the streets or go radio," Game said about his upcoming R.E.D. Album. "But before the album there will be a mixtape with DJ Drama, Red Everything. Red Everything mixtape -- it's a bunch of tracks I did specifically for Drama. They're full songs mixed with a few freestyles. I'm trying to finish up '400 Bars' and get it on there. Ain't nobody piss me off that much. But even if that ain't on there, the mixtape is still gonna be crazy."


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