Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lil Wayne is Tripping

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Listen to him just rant about what is in his cup and how he can drink whatever he wants to drink.

In related news, Lil Wayne is trying to sell his multi-million dollar Miami condominium. The four-bedroom pad located in South Beach is currently being listed for $2.8 million. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, Weezy denied rumors (posted by the New York Post) that he was having problems selling the place due to its smell of marijuana. "We’re not having trouble selling it...The people that are coming to look at it like that more about it. That’s like coming into Bob Marley’s crib and you still smelling weed and his bed still messed up. They’re like ‘leave all that shit. I want to buy all that.’ I’m one of those niggas right now."

Source: Rap

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