Monday, May 17, 2010

Postgame Thoughts after Game 1

Welcome to DESNG. This is my new sports blog that I am starting up and check back often to debate about the biggest topics in sports. I am going to be updating it frequently from now on so make sure to bookmark it and follow it.

The Los Angeles Lakers are building a lead of 20 points with 8:37 left in the 4th quarter as I write this. After watching tonight's game I feel like the Lakers are wearing down the Suns. They are wearing them down with their rotation which is having a huge toll on the Phoenix Suns. The triangle Offense has been terrific tonight. Team Defense has been excellent for the Lakers and are wearing down the Suns for almost 48 minutes. I will give some credit to the Suns though. They fought strong early on but the Lakers took the lead and haven't looked back all night long.

My question is, does Phoenix bounce back in this series??? Or will the Lakers control the series from here on out. What are your thoughts? How do you stop Odom and Gasol after they have played tonight. That was the main question for the Suns. How do you contend against the Lakers big men.

In order for Phoenix to stay in this series, I believe that Steve Nash will have to step up in every aspect of his game. He needs to be a bigger threat offensively.

Your thoughts???
My opinion. Los Angeles Lakers in 5

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