Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will Donovan Mcnabb make the Oakland Raiders a contender?

The Eagles have set the price of Mcnabb. They are asking for at worst the 42nd selection in this years upcoming draft. In my opinion I don't see why Al Davis isn't pulling the trigger. Their history shows that they havn't been successful at drafting. Oakland only seem to strike gold with a few of our picks. I am pretty sure that whoever they draft this year with that 2nd pick won't have the same impact overall that Donovan will have on the Raiders.

If Donovan is a Raider, I believe that the Raiders will be able to contend in the AFC west next year. They split the series with the Chiefs and the Broncos while losing both times to the Chargers. If you notice those two games against the Chargers were both one possession games. With Mcnabb, Oakland's offense will be a threat to score every time they hit the field. Oakland will finally be able to see what a legit Quarterback can do with their current offense. If Mcnabb can be a threat to score every time he gets the ball, I believe that the Raiders can win this division next year. If they win the division, they are guaranteed a playoff spot, something that the Raiders haven't done since 2002. Donovan has never been on a running team. Tom Cable knows how to run the ball. This will take pressure off of Donovan and will make the other teams have to play against both the run and the pass. Oakland need a QB that can get the ball to Schillens, Murphy, and an improving DHB. I believe Mcnabb will be the guy to do that. He is entering his final year of his contract but then Al Davis can always franchise him the following season to have him for at least two years. If the Raiders can win the division and go to the playoffs I believe that we will be able to convince him to stay. No Donovan Mcnabb isn't the answer for the long term since he is aging, but I believe he can help the Raiders now and groom our QB for the future.

Many of you say the Raiders shouldn't give up that 2nd round pick because they have to build through the draft. If we use our 1st round pick on an offensive linemen that is NFL ready, then their line will almost be good to go. Oakland can pick up a few other linemen later in the draft and maybe even a QB to learn under Mcnabb.

Besides does the Raider Nation want to beat the 49ers this upcoming season? I believe that with Mcnabb the Raiders stand a pretty good chance at beating them.

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  1. they need to just trade for him and get all this talk and speculation over with. honestly if we only kept him for a year it would suck but all i care about is beating the niners